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Numerical Reasoning Tests

Measure numerical reasoning capacities

The ability to process and apply numerical information is often crucial to working efficiently. Hudson offers the Numerical Reasoning Ability Test as a solution for measuring numerical reasoning capacities.

The Numerical Reasoning Ability Test is available for different levels (from ‘blue collar’ workers to ‘senior managers’) and, for maximum validity, uses numbers and figures that reflect a lifelike situation for each level.

As a user, you receive a useful and well structured report in which the different elements of the results can immediately be seen.

Business Analysis III – (NRAT III)


This exercise assesses one's ability to reach the correct conclusions from professional tables and graphs quickly and effectively.

In this exercise the candidate will find a series of tables and graphs. Each table or graph is followed by four questions. For each question there are five possible answers. Only one answer is correct. It is the candidate's task to answer the questions on the basis of the information in the tables or graphs. In this exercise the candidate is expected to use a calculator to arrive at the correct answer.


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