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Verbal Reasoning Tests


Measure the capacity to interpret company-related information

Without realising it, we process a large amount of information each day while doing our jobs. We read e-mails, memos, reports, instructions, etc., and we adjust our actions in response to the information that these texts contain. The ability to understand and to analyse verbal data is a crucial quality for employees at all levels.

The Verbal Reasoning Ability Test examines the candidate’s capacity to interpret company-related information.

The Verbal Reasoning Ability Test is available for different levels (from ‘blue collar’ workers to ‘senior managers’) and, for maximum validity, uses texts that reflect a lifelike situation for each level.

Business Understanding III – (VRAT III)


The purpose of this exercise is to assess one's ability to interpret short business texts correctly and to make the right decisions on the basis of this information.

Different memos are presented to the candidate. Each memo is followed by four statements. The candidate has to decide whether, based on the text, the statement is correct, incorrect or impossible to evaluate on the basis of the available information.

As a user, you receive a useful and well structured report in which the different elements of the results can immediately be seen.


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